As I’ve spoken of before, we’re redecorating the cabins, making them our ‘own.’ It’s been fun for me, and especially fun for the Berry (Laurelyn). And even more fun now that her daughter, Rebecca, has spent the past week visiting us from Ontario, and the two have been hard at work.

Rebecca brought home a pillowcase for the Cranberry Suite – it’s brand new, but helps give a vintage-y feeling. As soon as the bed was made, Molly jumped on and made it her own. She thinks she’s made a new friend.

One of the things tourists (and Newfoundlanders, for that matter) love about this province are our beautiful handmade quilts. The province is dotted with stores selling quilting supplies and sometimes finished items, like the Piece Makers in Conception Bay (just outside St. John’s). For some really stunning work, check out the work of artist Vicky Taylor-Hood, whose work is available at the Devon House in downtown St. John’s – a store not to be missed on any visit to the city. Happy Quilting!

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