I spend a lot of time on this blog celebrating Whiteway and Heart’s Delight and our new little paradise we’re building out there, because it’s new and we’re so excited about it. But I still come into St. John’s most weeks (where I am currently), and sometimes when you’re used to a place it’s easy to forget about its good points. St. John’s, of course, has many. Here I am outside of one: The Rooms, which is not only a world class museum and a must-see for any visitors to the city, but also perfectly located to give some of the best photo-ops of the city. If it’s not too windy, you can even go out on their balconies, where I got these shots.

Something else I always recommend is checking out The Rooms Cafe (you don’t need to pay to go through the museum if you’re just eating). Not only is the food divine, big windows offer a panoramic view of the city. Whenever my daughters are in town, we always hit it up. Here’s my youngest and oldest, Kathryn and Adrienne, having fun there one Christmas.

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