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Tuesdays with Murphy: Devon or Bust

Posted by on Jul 17, 2012 in Daily Blog | 3 comments

I have to give it to them – my humans are doing wonders for my health out here in the Wonderful World of Whiteway. Here I am sunning myself after a refreshing dip in some fresh water off Jimmy Rowe’s Walking Trail (not sure who this Jimmy is? He never seems to be around whenever we’re there!).

My humans also feed me a lamb and rice diet. That plus these wicked (good) Omega 3 supplements, and my coat doesn’t just shine, it glistens. My pads are getting harder, and I have more energy than ever.

All this to say that I hope I made a good first impression on my neighbour, Devon (there we are, below). She’s certainly not without her charms. I hope she likes the strong, silent type!


  1. Murphy, you bring a smile to my face every time! Enjoy frolicing on the beach with your new friend.Oh and yes, it sure does sound like you have it pretty good there with your humans.LOL!

  2. Devon says “Never let humans get in the way of a good time.” ” We Goldens have our priorities!”

    • Priorities indeed! Thanks for the comments everyone!

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