I asked Murphy if we could postpone his post for the day, and he was all too happy to oblige – because I have some special news to announce. And that is, thanks to all your votes (and all your patience with me soliciting them!), our humble little blog has won a 2012 Canadian Blog Award, in our category of Best Business or Professional Life Blog.

I’ve been blessed in my professional life to have won a few accolades, but few can compete with this honour. Writing everyday and sharing the Wonderful World of Whiteway has become a passion, and to have your votes and your support and to know that you enjoy what I do means the world. I’m also very grateful to The Berry for her input and help in getting these posts up – it’s my face you see on here everyday, but Ocean Delight is in every way truly a 2-person effort. And of course, my co-blogger, Murphy, wants to thank you, too. I need to double check – I think I may be the only Newfoundlander to win this year, but I know Murphy is the only dog to!

And stay tuned ….. to thank everyone for voting, we’re going to be rolling out a little contest (and a new website!) in the coming days.

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