Perhaps this particular post is a little too self/cottage-indulgent – I don’t tend to use this space to advertise much. But hey, I was just voted for a 2012 Canadian Blog Award in the Business or Professional Life category (thanks again!).

Anyway, (surprise, surprise), I love Whiteway in Winter (when don’t I love it?). And I think we’ve come up with a fun way to share it with you over the holidays – with the New Year’s Even package we’re rolling out. We’re calling it our ‘New Year’s Resolution Package’ – since so many people resolve to spend more time with their family and friends! So we thought we’d make that a bit easier, with early check-in and late check-out, sparkling wine, a surprise celebration bag, a ‘morning after’ continental breakfast basket, and snowshoes and firewood for 2. Check over here if you’d like more details and pricing.

So there! That’s my pitch! If you don’t like it, don’t get mad at me – The Berry made me do it!!

Finally, stay tuned – this weekend we’re going to be revamping our website – we think you’ll like the new look. And we’ll be rolling out a contest (our first) to go along with it. Looks like the holidays are getting us in the Ocean Delight mood!

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