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What’s not to love about Whiteway? From the natural beauty to the art festivals and everything in between – there’s something for everyone in this smiling land.

We’re right on the Baccalieu Trail, just about an hour’s drive from St. John’s. Not sure how far away we are? Here’s Driving Distances and Directions for all over the province to help you plan your trip.

But the real reason we call it the ‘Wonderful World of Whiteway?’ It’s the people. The same people who welcomed us with open arms when we started our Ocean Delight journey back in 2012. Our neighbours truly epitomize the charm and hospitality Newfoundland is world-famous for. So if you’re looking for a friendly smile, a fast friend, maybe even an art lesson or feed of just-caught fish – you’ve come to the right place.

And just in case that’s not tempting enough, here’s a few more things we love about Whiteway, Heart’s Delight, and our little region!



If you’re a seafood lover, you’ve come to the right place. In season, fresh fish flows like the water – ask us how to help you get some.

But if the last thing you want to do is cook on your vacation, no worries. The Secret Garden Restaurant located at The Doctor’s House Inn & Spa, offers fresh and delicious fine dining meals, made with local ingredients. Enjoy your dining experience fireside, overlooking the ocean.

We’re also thrilled to be minutes away from Brown’s Restaurant, voted the #1 restaurant on the Baccalieu several times and a regular feature in the book “Where to Eat in Canada.” Try their fish and chips – you won’t be disappointed. They also feature live local entertainment in the summer.

Luxurious, World-Class Spa!

We’re minutes away from The Doctor’s House, an exclusive destination spa with one goal: pampering you. Featuring Aveda Spa products and services, you’ll love indulging yourself in this Tudor mansion tucked between the trees and the water’s edge.

Outdoor Theatre

With a diverse lineup of plays and fantastic crews, the Perchance Theatre in nearby Cupids uses open-air playhouse inspired by those of Shakespeare’s day to delight audiences to critical acclaim. Enjoy a picnic and some culture, and they have a summer camp for young aspiring actors, too. See their full schedule and more details on their website.

Shop ‘Til You Drop!

To pick up supplies and see traditional Newfoundland outport stores, visit Drover’s Store in Whiteway. These are fun places to visit – you’ll never know what you’ll find. They say if you can’t find it at Drover’s, you don’t need it!

Nic Naks in Green’s Harbour is an old-fashioned store with “the largest selection of local souvenirs, crafts, hand-knit items, and quilts on the Baccalieu Trail.”

Stop by The Inside Scoop in New Harbour, a cute store that sells gourmet and bulk foods, coffee and ice cream, gift baskets, wine and beer making supplies, tableware and more. And The Treasure Trove in South Dildo boasts lots of locally made items and home decor!

Fun Community Events

Outport Newfoundland is vibrant, filled with fun, creative people who love their communities. That translates into fun, local events all year round.

That’s why Jerry’s nicknamed our town the Wonderful World of Whiteway. We weren’t here very long before we realized something special was happening here ‘outside the overpass’ (that’s outside of St. John’s, for you Come-From-Aways!). Take the Spring Hare, for example, a yearly story-telling, poetry reading and art display event that celebrates local talent and art, including renowned Newfoundland artists (and now friends) Clifford George and Renee Butler-Harnum. There’s always fun charity events to attend, lunches, dinners, dances, a weekly Bingo night – you name it, we do it!

Follow us on Facebook to find out more about what’s happening out here. And when you’re planning your trip, feel free to ask about any upcoming events!

Perfect Day Trips

Our location on the Baccalieu Trail makes us the perfect starting point to explore the idyllic charms of rural Newfoundland. There are things to do and see in all directions including a variety of driving loops, so day-trips are always a new adventure. Drive to a point such as Bay de Verde, Cupids, or Brigus and return by a different route, visiting each charming community along the way.

Whales and More!

Trinity Bay is a whale-watcher’s paradise – you might even see one from your back deck! Special thanks to Steve Marshall for the amazing shot of whales playing in Trinity Bay. You can also explore the spectacular scenery and wildlife of the region through local seasonal tours. See whales, eagles, icebergs, seabirds, stunning scenery – everything you came to Newfoundland for! Please ask us for recommendations.

Visit a Winery

Rodrigues Winery, Newfoundland’s first winery, offers a wide selection of hand crafted wines and liquors made from wild berries and fruit. Open year round, take a tour, have a tasting in their wine shoppe, or pick up the perfect Newfoundland-made souvenir to bring home (or enjoy later that evening!).

Historic Landmarks

We’re happy to be near so many historic landmarks. Like the Cupids Cove Plantation Provincial Historic Site in nearby Cupids, which celebrates John Guy’s Colony, the first English colony in Canada. The Cupids Archaeological Dig, where archaeologists work to learn more about the first English settlers in Canada, was rated one of the ten best archaeological digs in Canada. You might stumble on exciting programs like ‘The Settler’s Game’! Thanks to Provincial Historic Sites (another great resource!) for this picture of the opening ceremonies for this Provincial Historic Site.

You’ll also enjoy the Hawthorne National Historic Site of Canada, former home of Arctic explorer Captain Bob Bartlett. And don’t miss the Heart’s Content Lighthouse, built in 1901 and designated a Recognized Federal Heritage Building in 1990. Children will love exploring Castle Hill National Historic Site in Placentia, the remains of English and French forts from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Once you get started, there’s a rabbit-hole of historic sites, homes and places – have fun exploring!

Original Arts and Crafts

No trip to Whiteway is complete without stopping by Shag Rock Arts and Crafts. Minutes away from the cottages, it’s a great place to buy local arts and crafts, including jams and pickles, knitted goods, handicrafts, and original art from exceptional Newfoundland artist, Wayne George. Tell him we said ‘hello’!


We wouldn’t have believed it unless we’d seen it with our own eyes, but intrepid surfers love the waves at New Melbourne, considered one of the best surfing locales in the North Atlantic. Join them, or just watch – it’s fun either way. Whichever option you chose, we highly recommend the 45 minute drive to New Melbourne – you’ll see colorful scenery, including beautiful buildings and old churches, along the way.

And to put the rumors to rest, yes, Jerry and Joe tried to put Whiteway on the surfing map, too – with little success!


The Baccalieu Trail boasts a large number of museums, great for learning more about the island’s rich history. Check out the nearby Heart’s Content Cable Station, the more than 600 artifacts and traditional fishing stage replicas at the Bay de Verde Heritage House, the Carbonear Museum housed in a designated Historic Site Railway, the recently restored Ye Old Stone Barn Museum in Brigus, the eclectic Home of Lewis Roberts, the large collections at the Whitbourne Heritage Society, the Gordon G. Pike Railway Heritage Museum and Park, a former railway station, and the Wooden Boat Museum(you can even take classes there in the summer!).

Be the B’y that Builds the Boat

We love being so close to the Wooden Boat Museum of Newfoundland and Labrador, a museum that archives, conserves and exhibits the traditional wooden boat of the province and its importance to our way of life. Open from June to October, visit this unique museum to explore its beautiful exhibits, or take one of their regular hands-on workshops to learn how to build a wooden boat yourself. Their motto is “Look Aft and Learn.” When seafarers tell you to ‘look aft,’ they mean to look behind you; indeed, visit this museum and you’ll come away with a new appreciation for the life and culture of the early days of this island.

Hiking Trails

There’s so much to explore all around the cottages, so don’t forget your hiking shoes! Coming in winter? We’ve got snowshoes! In fact, we have so many great walking trails out here on the Baccalieu Trail, near the cottages, that we haven’t even had a chance to explore them all! So we recently turned to our friends (and locals!) Leslie and Clifford to learn . They’ve come up with an insider’s list of the best trails in the area for snowshoeing, cross country skiing, quad and snowmobile. See their complete guide to hiking on the Baccalieu Trail here.


Enjoy Pitcher’s Pond Golf Course, a nine-hole, challenging course in Whiteway, heavily flavored with Newfoundland scenery and hospitality.

World-class Ecological Reserves

No trip to Newfoundland is complete until you’ve gone puffin-watching!

Easily take a day-trip to one of the Avalon’s three world-class ecological reserves:
– Witless Bay Ecological Reserve, home of North America’s largest Atlantic puffin colony.
– Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve, where you can literally walk to the edge of the cliff and closely observe thousands of nesting gannets and murres.
Baccalieu Island Ecological Reserve an island that supports the greatest diversity of breeding seabirds in Newfoundland and Labrador.


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