Trails Galore: Best Trails on the Baccalieu Trail

We have lots of great walking trails out here on the Baccalieu Trail, near the cottages. So many, indeed, that we haven’t even had a chance to explore them all!

Here are a few nearby favourites:

Heart’s Delight-Islington – Don’t forget your camera for these picture-perfect trails along Route 80, not far from the cottages.

  • Western Point Hiking Trail – 1 km linear walk along ocean’s edge.
  • Northern Point Hiking Trail – 3.12 km easy to moderate, return loop. Along the ocean as well.

Whiteway -The Jimmy Rowe walking trail around the pond. 35 min loop, some steepish hills, parking, picnic spots and new swimming area make this a favourite spot for Goldens Friday and Murphy!

Bay Roberts –
While stocking up on fresh supplies, don’t miss this scenic and activity-rich town just 30 minutes from the cottages. Pack a picnic for the East Shoreline Heritage Walk in this historic area dating back to the early 1600’s.

This is just to mention a few of the main trails, ponds, and glorious sights to be seen here.

With wide open country and hundreds of miles of pristine, gorgeous country side,  and a special climate. In fact our very own Wonderful World of Whiteway is recognized as having the best micro climate in all of Trinity Bay. And we’ll cheers, or hike, to that!

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  1. Gotta admit..I had never known about those numerous trails..Now,I need to put that knowledge into practise..I’d suggest if I may that others do likewise for some exciting hiking experiences…Sounds interesting to me.. BudVincent

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